You don’t need to be in school to improve your education.
Check out Coursera!

One of the biggest issues that I continue to see pop up for people, especially within the young adult generation[s], is the problem of being at a loss for readily available, and seemingly ‘affordable’ educational sources, information, and courses. I recently reblogged a post with a brilliant list of 500 FREE online courses from top universities, which was pretty popular. Then I received a suggestion from a lovely follower of mine to check out Courseera, as I might be interested. So, in addition to the previous online free courses post, I present you with yet another amazing and FREE resource for personal mind expansion. Courseera offers dozens of free online courses from various universities such as Princeton, Stanford, University of Michigan, and University of Pennsylvania
Below you can view the different types of courses offered on this useful site:

Knowledge is power. Educate yourself, explore, and expand!

UPDATE: Within the last few weeks 12 World-Class Universities [new to Coursera]  have added more than 100 courses to be available for FREE on Coursera, in addition to the already spectacular selection! 

Below is a list of the newly accessible Universities and the courses they each provide:

You can also view a list of all courses available here. Enjoy & keep expanding!!

Reblogging for those who might have missed it. Coursera is a great educational opportunity we all should take advantage of.

I’ll be starting Intro to Sustainability at the end of the month!

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